Code of conduct

Evaluation in a changing world

June 19 to 21, 2023; workshops on June 17 and 18; international sharing on June 22

C2023 is committed to having a safe and welcoming space that respects and values diverse perspectives and experiences. All conference delegates are expected to uphold the following principles throughout the duration of the conference.

There will be zero-tolerance for discriminatory and/or harassing behaviour or conduct of any kind. Event organisers reserve the right to take any necessary actions, including the immediate removal from the conference without refund, in response to any unacceptable behaviour.

All communication between all conference delegates at all times adheres to principles of inclusion, equity and respect particularly but not limited to gender, sexuality, ability, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic position, status, religion, age, geographic location, and physical appearance.

All engagement between all conference delegates is to be done collegially, consensually and in a manner that actualizes goals of professional educational exchange.

All conference delegates must ensure that levels of intimacy – verbally, in text form or otherwise – are appropriate, welcomed, and consensual.

All conference delegates must respect people's wishes to cease engagement and contact. 

For all presentations, attendees must take actions that enable speakers to be fully heard and to contribute positively when invited to do so.

All conference delegates must promote a safe space that welcomes the respectful exchange of different and sometimes competing ideas in a community that values a diversity of perspectives.

For online workshops, attendees must download only the documents made available by presenters for this purpose and share according to the wishes of presenters while crediting the authors appropriately.

As a conference delegate, you play an important role in creating an inclusive event where we all feel welcome. Examples of things you can do include:

Should you have a code of conduct concern during the C2023 conference, you can either let a conference volunteer know or email us at Our Code of Conduct lead is monitoring this email address throughout the conference.