Evaluation in a changing world

June 19 to 21, 2023; workshops on June 17 and 18; international sharing on June 22


To promote meaningful engagement at the conference and enhance participant well-being over the course of the conference, you are encouraged to check in with yourself regularly to assess how you are feeling according to the ABCs of well-being.

Awareness – notice the internal signs that your level of engagement may be dwindling, or you are distracted.

Balance – give yourself permission to balance participation in the conference and other needs that may arise. Suggestions that you might find helpful to maintain your energy level, stay engaged, and feel more settled during the conference:

Connection – reflect on and set up a plan to get support from other conference colleagues, friends and family as needed; depending on levels of stress/distress and their duration, explore the option of formal support from a mental health professional.

Lastly, should you have a code of conduct concern during a C2023 session, you can either let the host know, a conference volunteer, or email us at c2023@evaluationcanada.ca. Our Code of Conduct lead is monitoring this email address throughout the conference.